Self was once the wild bull,the untrained horse,
The stubborn donkey, the goat
Now it is the gentle chariot,my well trained camel.
The boat in which the ocean abides
It serves me well,but who I am?
Self was once the shameless tyrant, terrorized with fear
And intimidating all in its domain
Now it is  but a pleasent greeting, An introduction and a giver of drink to a thirsty stranger.
It serves me well, but who am I?
Self was once the arrogant, the rude the unconscious and careless to humanity.
Now it is the thinly covered veil through which the flirtatious coquette views the possibilities of ravishing the hearts of would be lovers.
It serves me well but who am I ?
Self was once the cruel slave master,
Doing its best to snuff the light with in,
Now it is the greeter, the comforting smile,
The rapidly disappearing stagehand before the host horms,
It serves me well but who am I?



Saath chalain

Awoo kuch dair mil k saath chalai
kuch yadoon k dakan phir say band karai .
Awoo khud apnai dil ko dhokha dai
mil k tanhayoon ko phir say dhokha dai
Awoo apnai hi answoo ko phir say dhokha dai


sab ko ham muskura k dhokha dai
aakhri pal hai hans K saath chalain
akhri bar mil k saath chalain,,

Surrender, let Silence have you

Zen Flash

Surrender to the source,
Surrender to awareness,
this is the only place of protection. Surrender your heart and you will know all.
Surrender to Consciousness and Bliss.
Surrender means to surrender your bondage
and to simply be Freedom.Surrender is the ego bowing down to its Source.
No more demands or commands,
but putting all in the hands of Source.

Submit to Consciousness and Bliss
and you will be happy.

Surrender the addiction to your senses.
You don’t need to stop them,
but you need to have perfect control over them.

Ego is a poor driver of these five horses,
but the Atman charioteer will not make a mistake.
Surrender the reigns of your senses to the Atman.

As the river surrenders to the ocean,
surrender yourself to the Self, the Source.

And if you find you are still swimming
on the surface of the ocean:
stop swimming and you…

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My lost dream

We met again in the lost of feelings and hear the voice that was locked in the depth of hearts.
    Why have you come again, who awakes you from sleep?
Will I too wake? Alas my soul is chained .
   My dream go back to your home
“I care not “.
Since in to my heart you bring the vision of Creaters dewelling place .


Wallow ha baghbanoo

Arise, o gardner! And usher in
Usher in the glory of a new spring in the garden.
Create conditions for ‘Bulbuls ‘to
Hover over full blown roses.
Let bulbuls sing of their love again.

    Dew bemoans the gardens
Desolation harassed roses have
   Torn their garments
Kindle new life into roses and ”Bulbulls “

   Root out stinging nettle form
The garden :it will harm flowers.
Wave after wave of hyacinths
  Are comming ; let them laugh

Total immersion in the love of
The motherland behooves man.
If you create this faith, surely
You shall attain your goal.

    Lines which are written by mehjoor pierced the heart into peaces …

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